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Have a blog? That’s great! Keep it updated? Even better! How do you feel about your writing? Are you attracting readers and keeping them coming back for more?

Here are some tips from Web Warrior Marketing to consider when posting your next entry:

1. Trim the Fat – are you rambling on too much? Possibly repeating yourself…or just saying extra stuff so it looks like you have more to say? Less is more. Keep it on topic and focused on key points you want to address. People have busy schedules – if they want to read a novel, they’ll buy one at the bookstore.

2. Paint a Picture with Your Words – to really connect with your readers, use descriptive sentences, so that as they are reading, they can envision what you are saying. Better yet – add a photo or image to your blog…because as the saying goes “A picture is worth 1000 words”.

3. Stand Out – the most successful bloggers are unique. People want to know what they have to say because they offer something different. They may be humorous, off-the-wall (where appropriate), unpredictable, and/or extremely insightful. Keeping up with current events and industry-related news is a must!

Blogs are a great advantage if you have a website, because they are a source of ongoing fresh content for your website, which the search engines love when it comes to ranking your website. Contact Web Warrior Marketing if you are interested in SEO services (search engine optimization) to drive more traffic to your website!

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