When you launch a website, you need traffic to the website, so you hire a search engine optimization specialist. Does this mean that you will suddenly increase your sales 10-fold regardless of what your website looks like? No. This means that your visitors will increase and awareness of your company and website will increase…but then most importantly, you need to convert those visitors into customers.

1. Your website has to be visually appealing, easy to navigate, be well organized, and offer a quality product or service. Think of when you land on various websites in any given day – are you likely to stay on one that is hard on the eyes, disorganized, and not user-friendly? Of course not. It is a “surfers” market out there…people will move on if they don’t like what they see of if your website essentially frustrates them. Plus, many think that all of the bells and whistles make their website better, when in reality those should be kept to a minimum. Having too much going on can scare people away.

2. Ensure you have calls to action – “Call us now”…”Contact us”…”Buy now”…”Shop Now”. Make these calls to action visible. Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you and hopefully follow through on a booking or purchase.

3. Check in on your competitors websites on a regular basis. When was the last time you booked a hotel or airfare for example without checking out at least a couple of companies? If people landed on your website, they can just as easily land on your competitor websites – the key is to ensure they find something special or better about yours or your products to draw them back to your website. Keep an eye on their promotions and new product offerings too!

More tips on converting website visitors to come. Contact our Vancouver Search Engine Optimization company for a FREE website consultation today. We help clients throughout Canada and the USA.

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