Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. In the case of SEO, it should never be dealt with as a quick fix…as it is not just a quick fix process…but something that needs to be carefully researched with a generous amount of time, especially with the initial set-up.

People who hire SEO specialists are hiring them because they do not know how to do this themselves…just like you go to a doctor when you are sick, a mechanic when your car breaks down, or a dentist when you chip a tooth.

If someone is a true professional and takes pride in their work and is COMMITTED to get you results…then why would they post a classified saying they can do this for the amazing, one-time price of $99 (or along that range)? The answer is simple: because they are NOT a professional who is committed to getting you found in the search engines. Why would anyone want to sell themselves short if they really know what they are doing?

If you hire someone for a one-time low fee who you will never have contact with again after they do their “magic” on your website…good luck. You are better off trying to drive a car that you find battered up in a salvage yard.

This will not be saving you money – it will only be costing you. You will not get results, you will not have anyone monitoring your site and their work, and you will be losing out on sales you could start getting by hiring a reliable seo company.

Don’t delay – contact our Vancouver SEO company today and get a FREE website consultation & quote. We’ll walk you through what is going on with your website, explain the SEO process, and what we will do to start getting you found in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. Let us help you start growing your business now!

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