We often enthusiastically hear “I come up first when I type my company name into Google and I don’t have SEO!” when the subject of search engine optimization comes up.

After explaining that does not mean they are getting found in the search engines, the excitement turns to dismay and confusion and the interest in the explanation of how SEO works is suddenly peaked.

If your company name is your URL (your website address – the “www.___________.com”) of course you will pop up….that is because the person online is typing in your business name – this is not the same as being found in search.

You want to get found when people type in specific keywords that pertain to your business and location.  If online surfers already know your website name, they already know your company, and hence you don’t need them to “SEARCH” for you.  It’s all of the people who do not resort to the Yellow Pages and are looking online for your type of service or product that you want to be accessible to.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Los Angeles and want to find a hotel – you are going to search “Hotel Los Angeles”…..or “Accommodation Los Angeles”….or “Hotel by Disneyland” etc.  The hotels that have invested in search engine optimization are going to be the ones that pop up under phrases such as these.  They are the ones that have the chance of getting you to make a reservation…and hence increasing their sales and revenue.  The hotels that are not optimized will not come up…simple as that.

Without effective SEO methods, you are losing out – and letting your competition who is optimized online get all of the business.  Ideally, they should be sending you a thank you card saying “Thank you for not getting SEO……I’m getting all of the online sales that you could be!”

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