1. Choose postcards to mail over lengthy newsletters – Use a strong marketing message on a postcard and mail it to prospects. Short and sweet, but effective is key! People don’t have the time to read pages and pages…and you may lose their attention rather than grab it. Plus, a postcard will be less expensive to print.

2. Make your marketing stand out and fun! Be creative. No one wants to receive the exact same marketing piece every month or they will start to ignore it. Gain interest by switching it up.

3. Team up with another business – send out a brochure and include a leaflet for another company. Get them to do the same. You will reach a whole new pool of potential customers…and this will also help your budgets.

4. Collect email addresses of your customers and email them an offer immediately after they have purchased from you…give them a reason to return and also keep your company top of mind. Most companies do not do this, so if you do…you will stand out. Make it a “limited-time” offer so they have to act fast.

5. Print your Twitter & Facebook info on your receipts – tell people to join your pages – give people who follow you “special offers” and be able to announce promotions to them. Grow your fan base and stay connected!

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