1. Get a Website! Companies without a website in this day and age are falling behind. People use the Internet to search online for products and services. Do not rely on a costly ad in the Yellow Pages to make you competitive in this marketplace. If you don’t have a website, you are giving away all of your potential online business to your competition who does have a website.

2. Optimize Your Website with SEO services through a company like Web Warrior Marketing. A nice website is a great start, but without search engine optimization, you will not get found via keyword phrases relevant to your type of business and location. For example, if you are a catering company in Vancouver, you would want to pop up in Google when someone typed in a phrase such as “Catering Vancouver”.

3. Place an Offer or Announce a Special in Every Piece of Advertising. Give people a reason to try you out, instead of going back to the regular, well known business just because they have a more established brand name. Show potential customers the benefits of working with you. Add a time limit to your offer – this will enable you to measure success of the ad in a specific amount of time, as well as get people moving quicker!

4. Ad Size – When is the last time you read a flyer full of text? Realistically, these usually end up in the recycling bin. Focus on your main message, call to action, brand recognition…and include an offer. This can be much more effective than bombarding people with too much info. People don’t have time these days…let alone to read pages and pages of ads or flyers. This can also save you money – better to have more smaller ads or promotional pieces…rather than use up your whole budget on one or two.

5. Cross Promote with Other Businesses Relevant to Your Business – help each other. If you have a client and they need a service, they are likely going to trust someone who you refer to them, rather than just picking some random company…and vice versa. Plus, you help someone, they will help you. Establish these networks and your business will grow.

Contact Web Warrior Marketing to get a FREE website consultation as to how we can drive more traffic to your website. We help companies throughout Canada and the USA with their website optimization needs.

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