There are so many possibilities when it comes to Twitter! As we have said before, Twitter is not just about promoting your company – you should follow the 80/20 rule. Tweet about your company about 20% of the time and tweet other things 80% of the time. (You thought it would be the other way around, didn’t you?)

If you bought a magazine and it was 80% advertisements and only 20% articles, would you be interested in buying in the next month? Not likely.

Similar to Twitter – you are going to be more interested in following other companies on Twitter if they are posting useful, fun, informative messages, rather than suffocating you with their products and services.

When it comes to Twitter, be creative…if you think of something you want to Tweet, ask yourself if you would be interested in it if someone else posted it. If yes, then it is a good Tweet!

Twitter is always about the latest news…if you are seen as someone who posts news and events as they happen, people will notice this and see you as a good news source.

Keep it fun, but professional! You are representing your company and possibly attracting new business – make a good impression!

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