If you are tracking your website with software like Google Analytics, you will see “Bounce Rate”. It is shown as a %. This means that on a specific page (or a general average for the whole website) that number of people who enter your website, leave without going to a second page. So, the lower the bounce rate, the better! Now, it is hard to get a very low bounce rate, but if you have one of 20% or lower, you are doing very good. This means that only 1 out of every 5 people leave without going to a second page.

How can you lower your bounce rate? Well, this comes back to the importance of having a nice looking, well-structured website. Yes, search engine optimization services can get you the traffic – but if people don’t like what they land on, they will leave…and hence, you will not get the number of conversions you may anticipate.

So aside from having a user-friendly website, other things you can do include making changes to get your visitors engaged such as adding videos, getting visitors to sign up for a newsletter, promotions, calls to action (Buy Now!…Call Now!…Shop Now!).

Plus, if your bounce rate is lower, this will help you with rankings too…so, the lesson of the day is: Go to your website, ask yourself if it is engaging and if it would keep you interested and clicking different pages etc. If not, you’ve got some work to do!

Our SEO services in Vancouver include monthly Google Analytics reports and suggestions as to how you may be able to lower your bounce rate. Sometimes, it may boil down to a revamp of your website….other times, it just involves being creative. Contact our website marketing company today for a FREE website consultation as to how we can start driving more traffic your way!

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