When it comes to search engine optimization – getting websites found in Google etc. – there are many factors that come into play in terms of getting ranked. Without getting into all of the technical jargon, here are some factors that can be explained in more simple terms for those of you who are curious:

1. Age of the Domain of Your Website…in other words, how long your website has been around for. The age of your website builds trust. The longer a website is online, the more “viable” it is seen as.

2. The Structure of Your Website URL’s: For all of the pages that are not your HOME page, there is an additional part added onto the URL (website address) depending on what the page is. For example, a home page would be www.home.com … Other pages would look like this for example: www.home.com/services. These should be very clean and not have a string of random numbers or letters tailing on the end.

3. Address & Phone Number – if you were to do some online shopping for example and had to give your credit card number, wouldn’t you be a bit leary of doing so if it involved a company without an address or phone number on their website? Quite likely. Google embraces trust factors on websites!

That will give you a peek into a few of the things that can help with your online rankings. Leave the legwork to our SEO specialists in Vancouver – helping companies throughout Canada and the USA. We’d love the opportunity to optimize your website – request a FREE consultation on the CONTACT page of our website today!

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