Are you more inclined to re-visit a website if you know that it is likely that fresh content will be posted to look at and read when you do? Obviously, the answer is yes! If YouTube didn’t have new videos posted regularly, the popularity of the website would wear off. YouTube has become a site where people can rely on to find a program or video clip to be posted almost instantaneously after it airs. If you miss your favorite show for example, just go there…and the bonus – you don’t even have to endure any commercials!

Now, even though your website is not likely to attract nearly as many people as a site like YouTube, you still want to attract people and grow the popularity of your website. Give your visitors something to look forward to…become a site where people can look to for information and helpful tips. The more “fans” you have to your site, the more likely they will tell their friends and contacts about it as well, or even post links on their blogs or Twitter pages. Posting tips or videos where people want to keep coming back for more can also establish your website/business as an authority.

In terms of search engine optimization, the building of FRESH content cannot be emphasized enough. The search engine spiders love new content and will crawl your site much more often which will boost your rankings. This does not mean you have to make changes to your website or write blog postings everyday – the important thing here is to be regular with your updates.

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