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Do you feel as though you will NEVER get over your breakup? Do you keep telling yourself that you won’t meet anyone like your ex again? Well, I have to say that you WILL get over your breakup and you actually DON’T want to meet anyone like your ex again because if things were so amazing, YOU WOULD STILL BE TOGETHER.

Trina Leckie is the host of the “breakup BOOST” podcast and the author of a super effective, non-sugarcoated, and insightful breakup book called, “Don’t Be DESPERATE: Get Over Your Breakup with CLARITY & DIGNITY.” Get your copy HERE.

She also provides personalized one-on-one coaching via phone, email, or online chat… whether you need to move on from your ex, help with various other relationship problems… or if you need advice in navigating the modern dating world.

It’s all about building the confidence from within and setting standards! NOT settling or feeling as though you need someone to complete you.

Learn more about Trina Leckie and breakup BOOST.


trina leckie best breakup book  BEST BREAKUP PODCAST trina leckie

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