Now more than ever, having and MAINTAINING a blog on your website is very important for search engine optimization, as Google loves websites that regularly add fresh content!

Often, the problem is though…”what to blog about?”

Blogs don’t always have to be long…you can actually lose many readers if they aren’t short and sweet. The main thing is to make them interesting, useful, and informative.

Here are 5 ideas for when you’re stumped for blog post ideas:

(1.) Customer Success Stories

Highlighting your current customer success stories (thanks to your business) can attract potential clients. It’s an alternative to a testimonial and very effective.

(2.) Introduce Your New Products & Services

Get the word out to your loyal customers and even run a contest or promotion.

(3.) Relevant News & Trends of Your Industry

Position yourself as an industry leader. To make things even easier on you, if you find an interesting article, write an intro in your blog post and then post the LINK for the actual article. (Do not copy and paste the article).

(4.) Upcoming Events, Sales, Promotions for Your Company

The more people know about what’s to come, the more successful your event / sale / promotion will be! You could also offer something special just for your Facebook fans / Twitter followers etc.

(5.) Celebrate Company Milestones

Make that “personal” connection with your audience.

I hope those blog post ideas help for next time you’re racking your brain for what to blog about! And remember…ALWAYS post the link from your blog post to your Facebook and Twitter!

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