It is not common for small business owners to have huge marketing budgets at their disposal. We all know how much it costs to advertise, whether that be in the newspaper, in a magazine, in the Yellow Pages, or even on TV.

Plus, there is never a guarantee that spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on an ad will bring you any business. Some people can be left banging their head against the wall, frustrated with the lack of return on investment.

The world revolves around the Internet now. Over 70% of people with online access search for products and services online – it is quite rare to see someone browsing through the big clunky phone book these days…especially when using the Internet can take less than a minute to find what you’re looking for.

In my opinion, having a website should be a top priority – there shouldn’t even be a question as to whether or not you should have one. So, when people have a website, but say they don’t have a budget for SEO…I don’t think they are realizing the difference between spending on SEO vs. an ad for example.

Your website is working for you 24/7…365 days a year…if people can FIND you via keyword phrases related to your business, you can only GAIN from SEO services (if they are done effectively). Depending on the cost of your products or services…and the cost of SEO, you should be able to see a return on investment very quickly. Think of all of the potential customers you could be missing out on if your website is not marketed. Do you really want to just give all of that business to your competition?

At Web Warrior Marketing, we offer affordable SEO packages with the small business owner in mind. Check out our website optimization services and request a FREE website consultation today as to how we can get you found on Google! You have nothing to lose. Let us help you grow your business, throughout Canada & in the USA.

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