It seems as though people don’t have time for anything these days. Remember dial-up Internet? Imagine how frustrating it would be to go from high-speed Internet to turtle-slow speed? It’s the same idea when it comes to the load time of your website – when a user gets to your website, they want to see it instantly…waiting for 10 seconds can be 10 seconds too long and you could lose that potential customer because they will be onto the next website that loads quicker.

Here are some factors when it comes to the speed at which your website loads:

• Size of Images – files should be shrunk with an image program before being saved to the server
• Code – Back-end coding that is clunky or awkward
• Number of “things” on a page such as videos – large video files take a long time to download, especially if they are quite large
• Performance of the user’s computer – using a speedy new computer is great – but use an older one, and it can be a painful waiting process – so slow! Now imagine loading a website with large image files and videos etc. You wouldn’t stay on a site like that, and your customer won’t either.

Less is more can be taken into account here – of course you don’t want a boring website just so that it loads fast…but make sure you need those extra bells and whistles before you add them to your design.

So in addition to having a great website, you need visitors to go along with that. Contact our Vancouver website marketing company today for a FREE website consultation as to how we can increase your traffic.

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