If you still carry around a Walkman instead of an iPod, or a cell phone that resembles a brick, chances are you are not familiar with Twitter…and you probably don’t want to be. We’ll briefly explain it to you anyways – it is a free social networking and micro-blogging service where users send and read messages known as “Tweets”. These “Tweets” are posted to the profile page of the person “Tweeting”. Everyone gets a feed of the Tweets of the people they are following. Confused yet? Check it out…you may just get hooked!

That said, it is almost impossible to go through a whole day and not hear/read something about Twitter at least once – whether it be on TV, on the radio, in the news, or in a magazine. It is huge among celebrities and it is a great avenue for businesses to self-promote, network, and literally connect with people they would never have opportunity to connect with otherwise.

Business owners should definitely take advantage of this FREE service…in a world centered around technology, it is beneficial to keep up with the times – especially when your competitors probably are.

When posting Tweets, a great rule of thumb is to remember the 80/20 rule. Ask yourself – would you rather follow people who are constantly only talking about themselves and drowning you with their sales pitch…or would you be more interested in what they have to say if they focus primarily on tips and useful information related to their industry?

Focusing on good information or links to interesting articles will do you more good in the long run, grow your followers, and most importantly MAINTAIN them.

Try it out – you have nothing to lose. See you in Twitterland! Oh, and…don’t forget to follow us!

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